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On The Beach At Palm Cove

The Beach at Palm Cove is among the best in the world. Coconut Palms and Giant Paperbarks line the wide sandy beach and frame views to Double Island and Scout's Hat. This panorama was taken on the grassy foreshore overlooking the beach. Its an ideal place to spend time relaxing and taking in a few rays, while just across the street restaurants and shops can provide for your every need. You can have breakfast at Colonies, just up the steps or at any one of the hotels overlooking the beach. The buildings are low rise, colourful and suited to the tropical environment. Tours and attractions can be booked at your hotel and pickup arranged for you. Should you choose a day at the reef, cruise operators to the Great Barrier Reef will pick you up at the Palm Cove jetty, (you'll see it just under Double Island). Accommodation houses and hotels are among the best in Australia and attract international tourists from around the world. Palm Cove has all of the things that makes Cairns famous.

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