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Freshwater Valley & The Kuranda Train

THIS IS the Freshwater Valley, just 10 minutes west of the CBD. The Kuranda Train winds through the valley and the World Heritage Rainforest continuing on the high side of Barron Gorge to Kuranda, via the many tunnels and bridges. Views from the train window are spectacular, especially on a clear day. During the wet season (December to April) the Barron Falls Station is a popular spot to view the Falls. This whole area is particularly scenic and the train has become a popular way to see the sights.

You can either, have breakfast at the Freshwater Connection Railway Station and board the train there or you can board the train in the city at Cairns Central Shopping Centre.

Our panorama was taken on a warm winters day in the cane fields. At this time of year, the cane heads are in flower.

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