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Welcome to the Barron River Gorge. The rafting area is located just 15 minutes from the Cairns Airport in the World Heritage Rainforest. During the wet season (December to April) the Barron Falls are spectacular and the river is thrilling. Several companies operate expeditions to the Gorge and other rivers. The Barron is particularly scenic and popular due to its closeness to the city of Cairns.

Our panorama was taken from a rocky outcrop in the river bed.

WHILE THE PANORAMA IS LOADING (usually about a minute) have a look at the Barron Falls in flood taken above the rafting area, from the lookout at the Barron Falls railway station, (part of the Kuranda Train service). The Torres Pigeon is a frequent visitor to the Gorge and feeds on the fruit of the rainforest canopy.

DAY TRIPS and TOURS are a popular way to see the Gorge, the Falls and the sights.

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Barron Gorge National Park - Rafting


MAY 2001

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