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you have arrived at the beach on Green Island. Moored at the jetty is a fast cat from one of the cruise boat operators providing daily services. You can also see the sea planes at anchor in the sheltered waters of the Green Island reef lagoon. This is also an excellent area for snorkeling, paddle boarding or scuba diving. The dive tender is launched from the beach. Perhaps the best activity is RELAXATION with a cool drink under the beach umbrellas. This small tropical island boasts a 5 star resort, just behind the trees, a helipad, an underwater observatory, 2 pools, restaurants, shops and day facilities as well as the Marineland Melanesia nautical museum and crocodile farm. All this nestled below the tree line. The Island is 15 nautical miles off Cairns in Australia’s World Heritage Listed, Great Barrier Reef. You can get there via Great Adventures, Big Cat, Sea Plane or Helicopter.

WHILE THE PANORAMA IS LOADING (usually about a minute) take a look at our exotic fish. Lionfish Clownfish and Batfish are endemic to the waters of the Great Barrier Reef. For tour information refer to our index.

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Green Island


MAY 2001

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