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500m above Munroe Martin Park/Sheridan Street200m above Grafton/Shields200m above Sheridan/Aplin200m above Abbott/Shields200m above Abbott/Florence200m above Marlin Marina200m above Sheridan/Spence

Do you have the correct system specifications

  • You Need The Following
    • High Color (16 BIT) or better
    • 32 Megabytes of RAM or More
    • Screen Resolution of 800x600 pixels or greater

We have a small sample of what you will be missing if you don't download the plug-in, this sample is implemented in Java and doesn't require a plug-in to operate, however, it doesn't have the full functionality that the plug-in operated versions do. Click on the button directly below to see these samples.

If you have previously downloaded files from the web and don't need instructions, CLICK HERE to start downloading the SmoothMove Browser Plugin (1.6 Mb), if you require further instructions or assistance please see the downloading and troubleshooting sections below.

  • Downloading
CLICK HERE to start downloading the SmoothMove Browser Plugin (1.6 Mb) 1. you should see a dialog box similar to this appear, choose the top option (run program from this location) and hit the OK button
click for larger picture
2. now you will have to wait for the program to download,
click for larger picture
3. you may see a dialog box like this one, just click on the yes button to continue on into the setup program
click for larger picture
if you clicked yes on the last dialog box you should see a couple of dialog boxes like those below appear on your screen over the next few seconds.
Click for larger picture.

Click for larger picture.
Now follow the on screen instructions for the setup program. When asked which browsers you wish to install the plugin for click on all 3. (see below)

click here for larger picture
now that you've been through all the steps you should be able to view the smoothmove panoramas, click on the button below to begin viewing the pages with panoramas500m above Munroe Martin Park/Sheridan Street

  • Troubleshooting !!
If you have trouble installing the plug-in then have a look here to see if any of these answers can help you, if this doesn't help then please contact us by clicking here, we would love to get some feedback on how easy or difficult people are finding it to download and install the plug-in on their computer, this feed back could help us a great deal in making better instructions on downloading etc.

Who Made the plug-in ?
The plug-in is made by a company called iMove Inc. CLICK HERE to go to their website, they have the latest version of the plug-in available for download as well.

When I view one of your pages I get a message saying "Could not download the data that the plug-in requested", what's happening?
This means that the panorama on the page you are trying to view either doesn't exist or is referenced incorrectly, please inform us immediately.

When I view one of your pages the panorama doesn't show up, why?

make sure that you have installed the plug-in on your computer and not just downloaded the file to your computer ( the plug-in needs to be downloaded and then the downloaded file needs to be executed to start the installation, this is what the "run program from this location" option does).

I have installed the plug-in, but I still can't see the panoramas, help !
When you installed the plug-in, did you install it for the right web browser? in the install program there is a stage where you can choose which browser to install the plug-in for, we recommend you tick all of the boxes.
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