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500m above Munroe Martin Park/Sheridan Street200m above Grafton/Shields200m above Sheridan/Aplin200m above Abbott/Shields200m above Abbott/Florence200m above Marlin Marina200m above Sheridan/Spence
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The Airships & Balloons above the Cairns central business district represent the strategic locations of the aerial panoramas and have been located on this page to illustrate their relative positions.

Airship 1 located 500m above Sheridan Street on the western side of the CBD gives an overview of the city and surrounding area. From here you can locate links to regional attractions and familiarize yourself with the layout of the greater Cairns area.

Balloon 2 located 200m above the intersection of Grafton & Shields Streets and the newly upgraded Shields Street dining strip.

Balloon 3 located 200m above the intersection of Sheridan & Aplin Streets gives a closer view of the western CBD

Balloon 4 located 200m above the intersection of Abbott & Shields Streets shows the active heart of the city and the many hotels in this area.

Balloon 5 located 200m above the intersection of Abbott & Florence Streets reveals the resort area of Cairns.

Balloon 6 located 200m above the Marlin Marina this panorama shows a great view of The Pier Marketplace, and the City water front.

Balloon 7 located 200m above the intersection of Sheridan and Spence Streets in close proximity to The Cairns Convention Centre, Cairns Courthouse and the Cairns Police Station.



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