Marlin Marina PanoramaFreshwater Valley PanoramaSecond Beach PanoramaGreen Island Panorama
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Virtual Tour of Cairns, Australia in 360 degree virtual reality panoramas

Click and hold the mouse button on the image above and drag in the direction you want to go.

Virtual tours (360 degree panoramas of rooms, buildings and places) can be delivered by a number of means: downloadable from a web site, by e-mail or on a CD presentation.
Virtual Cities is a locally based company and has recently completed the digital 3D model of Cairns as part of our promotional web site,

   Green Island Beach Panorama  
  Stoney Creek Bridge    
   Windy Hill Wind Farm  
  Second Beach    
   Cairns Convention Center  
  Barron River Rafting    
   On The Beach At Palm Cove  
  2000 Mareeba Warbirds Airshow  
   The Esplanade Redevelopment  
  Freshwater Valley    
  The Queenslander Hotels  
  Kuranda Railway Station  

This web site contains virtual tours of the city streets and attractions in the Cairns area including street corner panoramas as well as hotel rooms and places of interest.

The technology is Internet based as well as being suitable for laptop presentations, replacing and or supplementing flip cards and brochures. It therefore has obvious applications in the promotion of Tourism Attractions and Resort facilities. Sales consultants can effectively convey the feeling of space and fully explain the unique features of any destination. Our technology also includes voice commentary as a tour guide. Whilst all of our clients are represented on our web site, many have asked specifically for a presentation of virtual tours on a CD. This is fast becoming a popular marketing tool because of its full screen, 360 degree images and sound commentary. It has several advantages over video.

Our virtual tours can equip your sales team and staff with the necessary tools to win more business. I look forward to meeting with you in the near future and demonstrating this new and exciting technology. Ask about our FREE virtual tours

Michael Ferris.

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