Gab Titui (Journey of the Stars)

For over a decade the people of Torres Strait have sought to establish a "keeping place" for their cultural icons and artefacts, some of which were being held in a foreign university. The idea grew to include a show case for Torres Strait art and culture as well as a workshop for the next generation of talented Islanders.

Michael Ferris and Lynda Hickman were appointed to work with the Steering Committee and turn their ideas into a concept and make the concept a reality. Gab Titui was opened on 16 April 2004.

The building is designed for the Torres Strait climate developing a verandah theme for most areas. The sensitive artefacts are housed in a separate space with controlled temperature, humidity and light.

A majority of external walls are a combination of clear and tinted polycarbonate on a skeletal timber grid. Banks of timber louvres and timber decking contribute to the verandah atmosphere. The Dari is a traditional head dress in Torres Strait and has a distinctive shape. This shape became the inspiration for the building's roof design.