When building in the tropics a local architect is an asset for the client.

The Queensland style is a unique and climatically practical solution for the Cairns region. It requires a level of expertise, experience and design flair to successfully combine the elements with client needs.

The incorporation of modern design is a subtle component in the Queenslander. Operational and functional details such as efficient cross ventilation, sustainable building materials and a functional, ergonomic kitchen are among the features on which Michael Ferris & Partners prides itself. Along with the expertise to make it all happen as smoothly as possible for you, the client.

Efficiency is not only achieved with local knowledge and expertise, but also with the aid of modern technology; namely Computer Aided Design software, commonly referred to as CAD. This software creates simple visual communication of design concepts as well as details between architect and client.

Several of our residential designs are depicted on this page to demonstrate our competence in this field, each house has the Queenslander elements, while also being unique and addressing the clients needs. The awards speak for themselves.

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Michael Ferris


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